The Lost Classics of  duval eliot

A California Watercolorist (1909-1990)

A view of historical and evocative watercolor landscapes of early California and the Southwest, portraits and figurative work from the 1930’s and 1940’s throughout her prolific 57 year career.

Beginning as a Fashion Illustrator while studying and later teaching at The Art Center School in downtown Los Angeles, Duval Eliot became a master of her medium: oil, watercolor, acrylic, silk screen serigraphy, pen/ink line drawings and architectural metal/enamel on copper work. She exhibited extensively throughout her life, demonstrated, won many awards, acted as art juror and taught advanced technique well into her 70’s.       

Renowned for her versatility, strength, and sense of color, Duval Eliot’s work embodied “The Essence of the California Twentieth Century Arts Movement.” 

Finally, part of the remaining estate of over 400 pieces has been collected and curated, and now can be viewed for purchase here:  by collectors, beginning collectors and art enthusiasts.


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