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Hello, I'm Tamara Eliot, the daughter of Duval Eliot.  This website is a work of love and admiration for my mother, one of California's great artists. 

My appreciation for my mother and her work has grown since she died in 1990.  While curating her art, I discover lost classics I had never seen.  Many of her greatest artistic accomplishments were lost, stolen or drowned in floods.  I have now recovered much of that work.  This website is a living testimonial to her diverse talent.


Her friends and associates told me: "There was no one like her, as a person, an artist and a teacher."

Don, Tamara and Duval in 1979

Tamara Eliot with Jae Carmichael, December 2002, in front of the former Pasadena School of Fine Art

"She was constantly searching ... she experimented, she didn't get stuck in her ways,' Carmichael said.  There's an easy answer to anyone who questions Eliot's lack of a signature style. "Just refer them to Picasso he went through one phase after another ... Her paintings hold up against anyone else's paintings of the period.'

--Jae Carmichael, award-winning painter, sculptor and former museum owner

If you desire more information or would like to acquire any of the artworks presented on these pages, please contact me at (626) 660-6741 or by email at: tamara.eliot@yahoo.com.   If you have any of her artwork or knew her personally or professionally, I would also like to hear from you.

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